Preparing students for Success in high school, college, and beyond

What Is Success Bound?

Attendance and grades are critical factors in preparing students for success along with development of important skills such as self advocacy, time management, and vision setting. Success Bound addresses these core factors by equipping school staff with FREE resources needed to set students on a path of SUCCESS for high school, college, and beyond.

Free and Accessible for CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Chicago Public School staff can access the curriculum, here: CPS Knowledge Center

Comprehensive Curriculum for 6th-8th Grade

The curriculum allows students to build an ambitious life vision and create unique pathways to get there successfully.

Dedicated Success

The Success Coordinator facilitates the work for curriculum implementation, supports On-Track interventions and the high school application process in their school building.

High School Application Process

With a focus on 8th-9th grade transition, the program assists students with navigating their high school options and helping them apply and enroll in the best high school for them.

Grades and Attendance Interventions

Schools build grades and attendance interventions to support students so they are on track for high school graduation.

Postsecondary Success 

The program builds a school culture that all students know, understand and believe they can achieve any postsecondary option they set their sights on.

The Curriculum

The full curriculum is accessible to all Chicago Public School Staff. Here are a few sample lessons to see what the curriculum is all about.

Success Bound Impact

Today, 10,000 students have 
been served by the program

Schools saw an average on-track increase of 15% in the middle grades

20% more 8th graders transitioned to high quality high school programs

25,000 students will be impacted by 2020


This curriculum is an excellent way for myself as the counselor to get in the classroom and really work with the students on their future goals and college and career exploration. I believe sharing the importance of their grades and test scores with my 6th & 7th grade students earlier was extremely successful. My students now check their own grades, talk about their GPAs and their MAP goals. That's exciting to me! They are taking ownership of their own learning.

Success Bound School Counselor

Success Bound has helped my students see past the classroom and elementary school. My students are able to have real goals...they see real opportunities that can be awarded to them if they apply themselves and focus in school.

7th grade Success Bound Teacher

Success Bound has helped us clearly define for our students what our end goal is and it puts purpose behind what they sit in school every day. We ultimately want all our students to have postsecondary success, a strong career and eventually come back to support their community.

Success Bound Principal

Success Bound helped shape who I am today by preparing me to be successful and on track when I got to high school.

Previous Success Bound Student

Program History

Success Bound (formerly called 6to16) was started by a group of teachers who recognized a need for more guidance and preparation for students through their transition from grade school to high school.


Curriculum Created


Curriculum Created

In 2010, the University of Chicago Charter School teachers developed a curriculum grounded in research.


Program Piloted


Program Piloted

Between 2014 and 2017, Success Bound was piloted in 36 Chicago Public Schools.


Program Accessible Across Chicago


Program Accessible Across Chicago

Starting in 2018, Success Bound is rolling out as a free resource to all Chicago Public Schools.

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