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Success Bound Continues to grow and expand as more education leaders recognize the importance of middle school as a key developmental stage to begin college and career exploration.




Success Bound Schools


Success Bound Districts

Success Bound school partners increased the percent of students earning a 3.0 or higher GPA when they implemented the recommended best practices.


The topics that are taught in the Success Bound curriculum allow for student self-discovery and to create future plans in order to be successful in the future

Chicago Public School Counselor

It's a wonderful curriculum which allow students to interact and explore career and life paths

Ms. McMillan, Counselor at Shoop Elementary

Success Bound plays a great role in students being able to make the connection [between] high school and college while in middle school

Success Bound School Partner

Success Bound has given my middle school students a better path to understanding post secondary education

Chicago Public School Counselor